Minecraft 1.16.5 Plugins

Minecraft 1.16.5 Plugins


How to use my plugins

First you need to create a 1.16+ server that can run plugins. I recommend setting up a paper server and using version 1.16.5, as this is the version all my plugins have been tested in.

If you are new to creating Minecraft servers, follow this tutorial:

Once your server is setup, download the plugin jar file, and drag it into the plugins folder!

No Sprint

Need to make Minecraft more challenging? Well No Sprint is for you. This plugin makes it so that whenever you begin sprinting you die immediately. Have Fun!

No Sprint Demo

Download it Here

Fast Mobs

Another plugin to further test your skill. Fast Mobs adds a various number of new changes, similarly to what you could expect in that of a Dream/GeorgeNotFound/Sapnap challenge video.

  • All mobs are given speed multipliers, making every mob faster then the player
  • All mobs are given damage buffs
  • Zombies have a 100% chance to spawn with an Iron Chestplate and Iron Sword
  • Zombies have a 100% chance to drop their Iron Chestplate upon death
  • Creeper Explosions are slightly buffed
  • Creepers have a random chance to drop between 1 and 4 TNT upon death

Fast Running Mob

Buffed Creeper Explosion

Creeper TNT Drop

Zombie Iron Chestplate Drop

Download it Here

Auto Smelter

This plugin makes it so that whenever you mine iron ore, gold ore, or nether gold ore, you will immediately receive the ingot rather then just receiving the ore

  • XP drops of ores have been slightly increased
  • Fire particles are added to complete the auto smelting vibe

Auto Smelting Example

Download it Here