Release 4/15/2021

  • Added AES256 encryption tool.
  • Check it out here

Release 3/28/2021

  • Update to quirk, check it out here
  • Content overhaul coming this summer

Release 2/2/2021

  • Added a file downloading system
  • New post containing all my plugins that I’ve created for the game Minecraft
    • You can check it out here

Release 1/22/2021

  • Quirk matrix order fixed
    • Check out new build here

Release 1/18/2021

  • Added Jupyter Notebook installation tutorial here

Release 1/16/2021

  • Added new quotes / photos to quotes page

Release 1/4/2021


  • Homepage goes through major restyling
  • Post tagging system added
  • Resources page restyled
    • Bug fixes in resources page
  • Edited article tagging system in resources page
  • About page restyled and edited
  • Contact page added
  • Search bar restyled
  • Favicon images updated
  • Quote Picks page added
  • Featured posts system added
  • Latest posts section added
  • Newsletter signup added
  • Reading time system added
  • Shop page goes back under construction
    • Date still unknown when shop will go back up.
  • Author profile pictures added
  • More social media referrals added
  • Team page removed
  • Contributor page restyled
  • 404 page restyled

Release 12/10/2020

  • Update on Arjun Bhobe’s fork of quirk, version 2.4 out here.

Release 11/25/2020

  • Huge shout out to Arjun Bhobe for creating the new Wrelks inspired Quirk fork! Check it out here.
  • Changed main page, and fixed bugs.

Release 11/21/2020

  • Bug Fixes
  • Major Secret Project Underway - Stay Tuned

Release 11/1/2020

  • Updated index.html (New video, article, and more!)

Release 10/23/2020

  • Matching game SVG files have been locally hosted to prevent any further breaking.
  • Interactive Bloch Sphere demo under development
  • Interactive Quantum Circuit demo under development
    • Big thanks to the two new members of! Naptonium, and Abhobe!

Release 10/20/2020

  • Fixed matching game in the study section.

Release 10/19/2020

  • Added Simon’s algorithm, written by Aditya. You can check it out here

Release 10/18/2020

Release 10/10/2020

  • Updated Weekly Content (sorry for wait)
  • Changed up photo resolutions for more clarity
  • Https is now enforced for and

⭐ Upcoming Quantum Computing Inspired Watches?

Release 10/4/2020

  • Shop added to nav bar.
    • NOTE I will never push the shop and pressure any user of to purchase Wrelks’ merchandise. All content on the main site remains free as always, thank you for your understanding! 😃

Release 10/3/2020

  • First release of the shop is completed here
    • Quantum Computing based development boards and games will be available for purchase here later!
  • Fixed changelog bugs

Release 9/19/2020

  • Finished Quantum Symbol matching game!
    • You can find the game here
    • More matching / other games expected to come soon

Release 9/7/2020 v2.0

  • Added new weekly content (sorry for delay)

Release 9/7/2020 v1.0

  • Improved stability and loading times
  • Improved Twitter card
  • Added 3 Qiskit flashcard decks (More coming soon)

Release 8/26/2020

  • Improved stability and loading times of entire website
  • Fixed visual bugs on certain pages
  • Created twitter card
  • Updated meta descriptions
  • Improved security methods
  • Fixed labeling issues on flashcards

Release 8/23/2020

  • Improved stability and loading times of site homepage.
  • Updated descriptions of posts

Release 8/22/2020

  • Fixed problems in QSS archive
  • Made changes to Wrelks’ team page
  • Optimized site loading times

Release 8/21/2020

  • Fixed discord invites in resources
  • Added more Quantum Cryptography related material to resources
  • Wrelks’ team page under development

Release 8/19/2020

  • comes out of Alpha stage!
  • The site is ready for public viewing.